Custom equipment, Electronic Repairs and Maintenance

ToneSilk® provides high quality custom electronic design and repair services to the musicians.

Located north of Paris, 15mn away from the Belgium border and Lille's Eurostar train station, the workshop is easily accessed by motorway and public transports.

ToneSilk réparation amplis

Area of expertise

ToneSilk offers world class repair and custom design services to professional musicians, touring companies and sound engineers. in the following fields:

  • Backline: amplifiers, preamplifiers, pedals, tube or solid-state.
  • PA equipment: mixing desks, power amps, peripherals, speaker enclosures.
  • Studio: mixing consoles, preamps, peripherals, powered and passive speakers.
  • Expertise: vintage or recent amplifiers and effects, guitars and basses (with the help of our network of experts).

Service center

ToneSilk is a service center for the following brands: Fender, Mesa Boogie, Supro, Aguilar, Groove Tubes, Marshall, VHT, Fryette, Diezel, Splawn, Naylor, Laney, THD, Orange, Peavey, Hughes & Kettner, Ashdown, Matamp, Laboga, Guyatone, Brunetti, Sovtek, RedBear, Trace Elliot, Electro Harmonix, EHX, Soldano, Bogner, London City, Randall, WEM, Taurus, Ampeg, Two Notes, Victory, Gallien Krueger, Acoustic, Friedman, Seymour Duncan, Engl, The Valve, N.O.S, Suhr, Top Hat, Guytron, Victoria, Budda, Custom Audio Electronics, Hiwatt, Two Rock, Komet, Fargen, Line6, Zoom, Digitech, P&P, Dod, Tech 21, Reeves, Roost, JMI, Jackson, Farfisa, Hammond, Palmer, Voodoo Lab, Hayden, Crate, Epiphone, Boss, Mooer, Hartke, Roland, Korg, Sunn, Sound City, Egnater, EVH, Ibanez, Maxon, Blackstar, Rocktron, NOS, Divided by 13, 65 Amps, MarkBass, Hohner, Cornell, Swart, Carr, Rivera, PRS, Carol-Ann, Moog, Fuchs, Matchless, Reeves, Magnatone, Suhr, Koch, Bad Cat, Morgan, Ceriatone, Krank, Dr Z, Tone King, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Midas, Lab Gruppen, Vanflet, M Audio, Apogee, Studer, Cyrus, Technics, Marantz, Onkyo, Two notes, Kemper, Axe-FX, EAA, Scott, Sansui, Quad, Convergent Audio Technology, Dynaco, MCIntosh, Acoustic Image, JVC, Philips, Pioneer, Celestion, JBL, NAD, Harman, Kardon, Akai, Dynaudio, Ecler, Trident, Crown, QSC, Crest Audio, Yamaha, Martin Audio, Turbo Sound, Nexo, RCF, L-Acoustics, HK Audio, Lafont, TEAC, Amek, Allen&Heath, Mackie, Soundcraft, Bose, Bricasti, SSL, Dynacord, EMT, Neve, Airedale, Zeck, Eventide, Clavia, Ketron, Solton, TC Electronic, Focusrite, Wharfedale, M-Audio, LA Audio, Joemeek, TL Audio, ART, Urei, Drawmer, Studer, Alesis, DBX, Lexicon, Tubetech, Audiophony, Universal Audio, LA Audio, Tascam, MOTU, Presonus, Akai, Thermionic Culture, Empirical Labs, Samson, Montarbo, Power Works, Sennheiser, Shure, etc..


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Opening hours:
Wednesday from 2pm to 7pm, saturday from 2pm to 6pm.
Please call for an appointment outside opening hours.


Reach us:
Telephone +33 983 755 486
Email: Contact page.


Find us:
Subway station: Les Prés - Edgard-Pisani (line 2).
Address: rue des Champs, Bâtiment G, 59290 Wasquehal, France. Map.